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The Black Flag Surviving Trilogy

This is how the world ends, and the story begins!

The Scourge
The Invasion
The Apocalypse
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Who will survive?

Experience the adventure

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Book 1

October 5, 2019

A global apocalyptic pandemic called the Scourge is sweeping the globe, decimating the population. Society is disintegrating, leaving the remaining to endure the chaos. This is the action-packed adventure of a disparate group struggling to survive a societal meltdown.

Joe’s once quiet life is upended by the Scourge and the ensuing bedlam. He is forced to fight for his new friends and makes dangerous new enemies. Monique is having a baby while civilization is on the brink of total anarchy. She has to violently defend her home, family and friends. Kevin is a devout Christian whose faith is profoundly challenged. Ayesha and Zach are feisty orphaned children who are forced to adapt to a dangerous new world. Camille is an angsty teen who transforms into a brave warrior.

Their lives intertwine in this riveting tale of tragedy, violence humour, friendship and heroism. 


Book 2

January 1, 2021

A tenacious group of Scourge pandemic survivors must defend their homeland from the Chinese invaders. In this follow-up to Black Flag - Surviving the Scourge, Joe and his friends emerge from the safety of the bunker to fight for their country against an overwhelming force. The group becomes separated as the children are kidnapped, Joe and Tank are captured and Monique and Camille become stranded in the wilderness. They battle against Chinese, rats, wolves, bullies and personal demons. 
What they don't know is that the Chinese invaders have a secret.


Book 3

March 12, 2021

The group must find the cure before the Scourge kills again. In this final book of the Black Flag Trilogy, Joe must guard the formula, Tank loses a piece of himself, Camille fends for herself, and Monique is kidnapped. The 2nd wave of the virus is here and not everyone will survive.

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The Black Flag ​Brigade

Summer 2022

The Black Flag Brigade Trilogy is a all-new action adventure that picks up two years after the Black Flag Surviving Trilogy, (but is a standalone series).
Follow a plucky trio of teens as they fight, laugh and cry in a dangerous post-apocalyptic world.

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An all-new post-apocalyptic adventure

The story continues two years after apocalypse

Search Engine Book.png

Book 1

July 1, 2022

In a world without internet, cell phones or Wi-Fi, one girl discovers a search engine.
A cataclysmic event has wiped out much of the population, leaving the remaining survivors struggling to rebuild society. Technology that once connected the civilized world and provided a wealth of information has vanished.
This makes fifteen-year-old Ivette’s search engine a valuable asset, and it makes her a target.
Camille is a violent, fearless, knife throwing Commerce City Enforcer, while Pitbull is a charming, brawny jock yearning for adventure and a good fight.
The young teenagers’ lives converge in this action-packed post-apocalyptic adventure as they search for the origin of the mysterious search engine.

Book 2

August 1, 2022

Three teens leave their peaceful home for a perilous expedition through a lawless, well-armed post-apocalyptic America.
In this follow-up to Search Engine, Pitbull, Ivette and Camille battle sickness, raiders, snipers, kidnappers, gangs and slave-traders. They trek south into the unknown in their quest to discover the origins of Ivette’s implant, locate a secret underground compound while pursuing a gang of murderous lunatics.

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Justice Book.png

Book 3

September 1, 2022

With the Executioners chasing them, the group steps into the extraordinary world of Empire City.
In the final chapter of the Black Flag Origins trilogy, Camille and her friends finally reach the underground compound. However, they discover an impassable entrance and must search for another way inside. They find old friends, make new ones and discover a strange city with its own challenges and secrets.

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